NUOVA TECNODELTA S.p.A designs and/or manufactures parts for the automotive market (automotive/motor vehicle sector) of original equipment and aftermarket.

Nuova Tecnodelta covers the whole cycle of order acquisition, design (only for after-market), production, distribution and sale of the product and all related activities/services from the definition of the customer’s needs to delivery.

The production cycle is essentially composed of the following phases:

  • operations/processes of transformation of the raw material purchased (cast iron castings; bars, castings and forgings of aluminum; stampings and steel bars) through mechanical machining with chip removal and subsequent washing;
  • assembly of internally produced parts (brake and clutch cylinder bodies and pistons, constant velocity joint components, power steering valves) with purchased parts (rubber, plastic components, small metal parts, molded steel, compression springs, sintered, etc.) with functional tests at the end of the cycle;
  • storage and packaging (in boxes or industrial packaging) for the sale on the market of original equipment/spare parts

The previous steps can be detailed as follows

  • MECHANICAL WORKINGS for chip removal due to plastic deformation carried out internally on machining transfers, lathes or numerically controlled work centers;
  • WASHING performed internally on washing machines with water and detergent;
  • THERMAL/PROTECTIVE TREATMENTS performed internally or at suppliers;
  • ASSEMBLIES carried out internally, of manual type, enslaved by equipment or on fully automatic assembly lines that carry out plantings and assembly with subsequent pneumatic/functional checks at the end of the line;
  • COSMETIC BRANDING performed on automatic lines that perform laser or ink-jet writing of the characteristic logos of the Customers and/or traceability information;
  • PRODUCT PACKAGING carried out internally by packing operations with plastic bags (manual or automatic operation), subsequent cardboard boxes/cases (manual or on automatic lines) and the following manual preparation of the transport units.